Top 5 Reasons I Love My Shapewear

October 5th, 2021

Top 5 Reasons I Love My Shapewear (and use it almost daily)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen ads or videos on Facebook, Instagram, and all over the internet about Shapewear… that special accessory that make you look thinner and makes your clothes look better on you.

I thought this was a fad… UNTIL I TRIED THEM.

Here are the 5 top reasons why I love them.

Reason #1
I didn’t have to throw away old clothes

We all have clothes that look great but due to that extra decadent dessert we got last week or that we skipped the gym way to many times this last month, they fit too tightly to wear.

Great shapewear fixes that. It’s not magic; it won’t make you look like Cameron Diaz if you’re chubby… but it will help you hide those extra pounds from the last few weeks of being less than disciplined.

Your clothes are too nice and too expensive to get rid of them. With a $40 shaper, you can keep wearing them.

I got mine from a shop called WomanOcean. It’s super affordable and they provide great service. You can check them out here.

Reason #2
When need to lose some pounds by tomorrow!

Special dinner date or party tomorrow? Yep! You can’t diet in 5 hours… A shaper will make you look better.

Last week I had every special occasion in the book to celebrate. Do you ever have one of those weeks? At work, we had an event and I couldn’t pass up the homemade banana bread one of my colleagues made. Then, we had a special birthday party for my daughter and she inherited my love for extra fudgy, rich chocolate cake from our local bakery, so of course I had to share in her celebration! And, ladies night entailed a few too many cocktails which ended in late night pizza and skipping the gym the next morning. Now, I’ve got a wedding to go to this weekend, and I’m feeling as big as a house and that pretty dress I was planning to wear is showing off my indulgences, not my curves! Fortunately, I ordered the Cami Tank Top from WomanOcean, and I put that on under my dress, and it made a huge improvement!

Reason #3

I really do feel better when I’m wearing my Cami Tank Top. I feel thinner and my shape is better. That reflects in my conversations and in my interactions with friends (and men!) I feel so much more confident! I had a job interview this week and I wore my new shapewear for it. It helped me feel like I looked the part I was interviewing for! I have my appearance under control so I hope they can can see that I can also have that job under control! I felt self-assured and positive knowing that I looked great!

Reason #4
When I feel swollen, bloated or with fluid retention

Like many of us, I retain water at that time of the month. I get puffy and generally less curvy, and I feel like I want to just stay in my pajamas. A shaper helps me greatly on those days. It helps me disguise my bloatedness and get on with my day.

Reason #5
It’s affordable, comfortable, and riskfree!

You have nothing to lose by trying them. You can buy a couple, see how you feel, and decide if they work for you.

I recommend buying them from here. You can get them shipped to your door for less than 40 bucks. This company is so inexpensive because it’s a small business and they source from the best Chinese suppliers. Shipment takes a week or so and your order arrives perfectly. One less errand to run!


Let me know your thoughts and experiences!

Written by Jenny S

This Slimming Cami Shaper is the ultimate 3-in-1 garment!

You get a Push-up Bra, Cami top and shapewear all rolled into one! With  5 zones of comfortable compression, it targets all your trouble areas.

The wide straps and seamless design give you smooth lines under any garment and the flared comfort band hugs your hips to control your love handles.