Top 5 Body Shapers Every Woman Should Own

October 5th, 2021

Top 5 Body Shapers Every Woman Should Own

I never thought I’ll be writing about this, but I am. It’s too good to keep to myself.

We all have days when we feel chubby, when we skipped the gym too many times, or we we ate a bit too much dessert that week.

Now, those nice clothes don’t fit that well.

With just 5 body shapers (all for under $20 bucks and $100 in total), I’m able to feel more confident, wear my fave clothes without a crash diet, and have a nice slimmer body on demand.

Key Shapewear #1
Cami Tank Top

This is the 4x4 of all Shapewear. It’s key to own at least a couple.

The Cami Tank Top will smooth your imperfections and compress your whole midsection. No more lumpy muffin top! This shaper will have you reaching for your fitted styles of both tops and bottoms, which will glide on. Your favorite pair of jeans will zip up and the Cami Tank Top will prevent your middle from bulging on top of them.

I got mine from WomanOcean… super affordable, great customer support…

Key Shapewear #2
Shaping Panty

The Shaping Panty works great at slimming your middle! It’s high waist ends just below your bra so there’s no room for any bulging along your whole midsection. It’s comfortable enough so you can wear it all day, and you don’t have to worry about it rolling down or tugging at it to stay in place. It works under dresses, skirts, pants, you name it!

Key Shapewear #3
Shaping Shorts

Get ready to look your best in this amazing Shaper Short! This shaper has seven panels that lift and smooth your body in all the right places! It’s made from lightweight fabric that breathes, keeping you comfortable. Watch bulges disappear when you wear this shaper! Even control-top pantyhose have seams and the waistband shows under your dresses; wear this shaper instead for a seamless, long line.

Key Shapewear #4
Arm Shaper

Do you avoid fashionable clothes that show your arms because they’re not-so-skinny? Try these arm shapers for thinner arms, and wear fashions you enjoy! You’ll look trimmer overall if your arms look thinner. Look like you’ve been hitting the gym and doing lots of arm workouts in seconds!

Key Shapewear #5
Sculpted Fit Leggings

No one would ever guess that these fashionable leggings are shapewear! The four-way stretch material gives you tummy control.

These leggings come in so many great colors too - how many do you need? You will want at least one pair for each day!

These leggings are clothes to live in - you can wear these almost anywhere! And you will feel fantastically confident in these with the added support they provide.

I hope you like them. I recommend buying all of them together from WomanOcean… they have a special pack…

Written by Sarah K