Girdle with sleeves and bra Fit 360 brooches REF 09347


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Color: Cocoa


Size: 3XSSize Guide


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Girdle to the knee with sleeves and bra, recommended for postsurgical use.

Fit 360 molds with perfect waist, back, and hip molding that reduces and refines your silhouette 360 ° Ideal for women with large tails, since it has greater capacity in the area of the buttocks, greater control in the side rabbits, and additional support in the lower back that stylizes and molds your tail.

The girdle with bra included an easy opening with 3 levels of fastening and zippering in the intimate area.

Perfect for Daily Use or Postsurgical

Double abdominal reinforcement for greater compression and fitted at the waist achieving an hourglass silhouette. Powernet around the hip. Increased capacity in the buttocks to fit large-tailed bodies. 3 central snap levels.

The bra includes clips that separate the torso from the garment. Coverage ¾ in arms. Knee coverage. Side opening and long zipper for greater comfort when going to the bathroom. Daily, post-surgical, and postpartum use.

Flat seams that avoid mistreating the skin. Neutral colors prevent it from being noticed with outer clothing. Helps prevent fluid retention and the formation of fibrosis.

The garment is 100% lined in lycra with VivelTex Protect components (Vitamin K, E, Seaweed, and Spirulina), which help to improve the healing and recovery of your skin.


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