About Us

Our Story:

WomanOcean is a company created for Women. We believe that every Woman is like a Blue Ocean, plenty of surprises, intriguing, deep and beautiful. We want to celebrate the Women's Ocean life! We want to help women to show their Beautiful Inner Ocean to the World and enjoy every part of who they are.

We love Women’s diversity, their bodies, their love and their internal wars. Their desires, fears, hobbies, pleasures. Each Woman is a Beautiful Blue Ocean that wants to be discovered and revealed! Each Woman is unique and deserves the opportunity to show the best version of herself.

We encourage women to Dive into their inner ocean, discover their treasures and diamonds and show how rich their ocean is by being proud of who they are.

WomanOcean wants to help women to be their best, sharing tips, tricks and products that make their life wonderful and help them to show their best to the world.

So we created high quality Shapewear that not only shapes their body and enhances your curves smoothly but is also comfortable so you can wear it everyday and do whatever you want while wearing it. We believe that shapewear must be comfortable! You shouldn’t suffer or feel suffocated to show your Beautiful body. This shapewear enhances your curves and body and you feel it as a second skin. Women wearing this Shaper-wear improve their Confidence and feel proud of their body and curves.

Our Promise

“We promise to help every woman find its own empowered  inner magic.” 
You will always come first - You will always matter to us. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete until you are completely satisfied.

Contact us:

Email: hello@womanocean.com